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System Outage Notice:

If you need Blackboard go to To Login, use, username (without the part) and password and you should be able to login.


To login, you have to sign into the website using your username(everything before the part).

You will have to sign into each portion of the website separately (email, BlackBoard, etc.).

Below are some links for direct access to portions of the site:

Student Portal --

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Email Migration Notice:

With the new email system, you need to use your new email address as your login name.

Then your regular login password.

Link to CityU email: Click Here to access New Email Site

Students may use the following links to access the different services of the portal:


If you are having login issues, can't remember User name or password, Please reset your password at Password Help Page or -- Click Here

1) Compatibility view settings for IE 10 (works for IE9 also) -- Please try these Browser settings.

2) Website not displaying or working properly -- Please try these Browser settings.


Classes and Student Services --

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If you are having access problems to Student Center, BlackBoard, or Email:

1) Please make sure that your popups are allowed, and your web browser settings are set for the new website ( If not, please go to Helpful Links on this page, and click on "Login Issues" link for browser settings.

2) If you cannot remember your Login Name or Password, please reset your password and that will provide needed credentials to login. Click Here to Reset Your Password.


The City U. Help Desk can provide one-on-one assistance with your problems and/or questions regarding a range of topics including registration, instructor contact information and transcripts.

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Prior to contacting for a login issue, please Click Here to reset your password with our Self-Help tool.

Email -- Please include your Name, Last Name, Date of Birth(MMDDYYYY), to confirm your account, and better assist you.


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